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My name is Jason Gero. I’m a private music instructor in the Seattle area. I teach guitar and bass lessons for a living. Sometimes I also work as a freelance musician.

I intend to publish a variety of types of articles. Most will be written with a focus on the guitar and bass, or related topics. I take pride in producing factually accurate and properly researched content, complete with references. Also, hopefully I entertain some readers along the way.

The following is a preview of the of content I intend to publish.

Music Analysis and Web Lessons

Articles here contain in-depth analysis. Posts explore songs, bands, music theory concepts, and other topics of particular interest to guitarists and bass players. This category is an online reflection of the lessons I give to students in my primary occupation as a private music teacher.

Gear Guides

These posts are comprehensive overviews of the gear options available for different products for guitarists and bass players. Articles are guides intended to inform readers of the full range of products available for whatever topic is being discussed. In addition, readers will find recommendations for entry level gear choices, complete with price comparisons.

DIY Projects

This space is dedicated to do-it-yourself projects mostly for electric guitar and bass players. Influenced by my love of electronics and engineering, projects include making things out of Altoids boxes, building effects pedals from scratch, guitar circuitry modifications, and more. These posts are based around the common themes of finding excuses to build cool things, documenting every step, and hopefully learning something along the way.


My goal for this blog is to make a resource with a wide range of topics related to the guitar and/or bass that is both original and entertaining. At the same time I will strive to produce informative and well researched content.

Also, if you’re just here looking for guitar/bass lessons I still do that too. All the information you need is on the Lessons page.

Thanks for reading, and welcome!


Jason Gero laying down the groove with some funky jazz.

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