Jason Gero is a private music instructor and freelance musician on the guitar, bass, and ukulele in the Seattle, Washington area of the United States.


Jason completed a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies at the University of Akron, studying the guitar and electric bass. In addition to music he has a strong background in the physical sciences and mathematics. As a music major he excelled academically, making the Dean’s List 8 times.

Private Instructor

Jason been teaching private lessons for 30 years, and for the last 17 years in the Seattle area. Lessons are offered for beginning students for all styles, with advanced study available in jazz, blues, rock, and metal. Students of school age and older are welcome (6 and up).

My teaching philosophy is focused on giving students what they need to achieve their goals. If you want a lesson on how to how play your favorite song, I can do that. If you want a greater understanding of music theory, songwriting, recording, gear, etc, then you’re speaking my language, and I will talk enthusiastically until someone stops me or we run out of time.

First and foremost though, I believe it’s important to have fun while making music. If playing music isn’t fun then practicing becomes a chore, and most students quickly lose interest. In my lessons I work hard to make sure the student is sufficiently challenged, but also enjoying the lesson time.


Jason has played both guitar and bass professionally in a wide variety of groups, from big bands and small jazz combos to rock and heavy metal bands playing at various night clubs, festivals, restaurants, parties, bars, and other venues.

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