Welcome to Geromusic.com!

My name is Jason Gero. I’m a private music instructor in the Seattle area. I teach guitar, bass, and ukulele lessons. I also offer instruction in Music Theory for students on any instrument. Sometimes I also work as a freelance musician.

Play The Music You Love

My teaching philosophy is simple, I teach my students to play the music they enjoy. One of the first things I ask every student is for some of their favorite songs, then we pick one and make a goal to learn it.

I give my students the practice tools and long term strategy to achieve their goals, helping them to overcome any obstacles along the way.

Digital Media

Learn to produce professional quality sheet music.

Learn to use your computer as a home recording studio, and produce your own songs. Every step is covered including songwriting, tracking, mixing, mastering, and publishing, as well as recommendations for free software.

In-Person or Online

I offer private lessons in-person and online via the Zoom app. For more information visit the lessons page.